Carrousel, 2010
Video HD Mscope, color, sound, 13 min loop
Videoprojection and mirror.

Carrousel is a long traveling shot through an interior. The camera slides among objects and bodies with an extreme slowness.
Playing with the depth of the image, the focus activates zones of partial or complete visibility. What we perceived at first glance as an objective description of a continuous space soon appears as a psychological process – the recollection of fragments, bits and pieces, which will never make up a whole.

Realisation: Maïder Fortuné,
Production: Maïder Fortuné
Executive production : Corinne Castel
Image: Céline Bozon,
Cadre: Claire Mathon
Sound: Nicolas Becker
Set: Matthieu Botrel, Cedric Klin
Editing: Pauline Dairou, Maïder Fortuné
Special effects: Marie Gascoin, Mix:Cyril Holtz
With Yasmine Largeaud, Gabriel & François Thomas, Tristan Mory, Zhora Alami, Marion Befve.
With the help of Unreel productions, TSF and Digimage.